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15 Beautiful Christmas Decorations That Turn Your Staircase into a Fairy tale

Bundles of Spirit Christmas Staircase Instead of swags of greenery trailing down the banister, try these greenery bunches. Photo: Credit

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Easy and Festive Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decoration In Red and White One simple decorating tip is to hang small matching wreaths over every art frame. Photo: It All Started With Paint

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20 Amazing Christmas Appetizers Crazy Enough To DIY

1. Red and green? Its’s almost Christmas time again and with it all family dinners and the yummy food that you can imagine. With this idea you can easily bring the Mediterranean to your Christmas table. A selection of different appetizers like cheeses, tomatoes, grapes and crackers, garnished with fresh herbs for everybody to enjoy. […]

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20 Amazing Christmas Staircases Decorated Beyond Imagination

1.Light up! Christmas is such a special, family holiday. Festive decorations add up to the atmosphere and make the season feel extra warm and cozy.   The classic Hollywood interpretations show a big house with wide staircases, draped in lights and garlands and a tall Christmas tree, decorated by the children. Photo: Credit

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20 Most Inviting Christmas Front Door Decorations To Make Your Neighbors Remember You

1. Welcome! With winter season upon us, it’s time to think about the outside decorations. Don’t be afraid to experiment and decorate in different styles – finding the right fit for your taste and house takes time. The porch area is perfect for placing larger decorative elements that usually don’t fit inside the house, so […]

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20 Magical Christmas Centerpieces That Will Make You Feel the Joy of Holidays

1.Centerpiece galore   The holiday season is upon us and we all want our houses to look their best. There are as many different ways to decorate for Christmas as there are people, but you can never go wrong with a centerpiece. It brings attention to the table and the festive spread and tie all […]

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