20 Most Inviting Christmas Front Door Decorations To Make Your Neighbors Remember You

1. Welcome!

With winter season upon us, it’s time to think about the outside decorations.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment and decorate in different styles – finding the right fit for your taste and house takes time.

The porch area is perfect for placing larger decorative elements that usually don’t fit inside the house, so this is your chance to shine! Add big lanterns, candle holders, vases, trees or Chrismas-related figures like reindeer, snowmen or Santa.

Experiment with Christmas trees in pots and larger wreaths on the front door. You can also add bells or other hanging decorations that will be visible from afar. Just be mindful that they can be quite noisy when opening and closing the door.

If your porch has columns, wrap them in wide green garlands and hang some lanterns and/or lights from the ceiling.

You can add more decorative trees in the yard or put ornaments on the real ones, if there are any.

Sprinkle with fake snow or use real one if you have the luck of snowfall – gather up your family and make snowmen in front of the house to greet your guests.

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