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15 Front Door Designs that Boost Curb Appeal

Blending In Front Door Design When you have a really eye-catching exterior, as this home does, less can be more with your front door. Photo: Credit

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15 Cool Home Exterior Trends

Arts and Crafts Detailing Home Exterior For this reason, we’re seeing a lot more home exteriors that are featuring ornate detailing, and particularly arts-and-crafts touches. Photo: Credit

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Easy and Festive Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decoration In Red and White One simple decorating tip is to hang small matching wreaths over every art frame. Photo: It All Started With Paint

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Best Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

Greenery and Planters Winter Porch Wood planters, lanterns, and of course fresh evergreens are the key ingredients that make this winter porch very inviting. Notice the galvanized metal container on the left? It’s an old olive bucket. Photo: Credit

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The Coziest Winter Decorating Ideas

Antler Mantel Winter Decorating Antler and pinecone mantel with silver and gray accents. Do you like it? Source: Hausundtempel

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Eerie Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Halloween Bird-Theme Entry One bird: Not a big deal. A whole flock of them? Well, that’s something a little more scary. Photo: Credit

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