20 Amazing Christmas Appetizers Crazy Enough To DIY

1. Red and green?

Its’s almost Christmas time again and with it all family dinners and the yummy food that you can imagine.

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With this idea you can easily bring the Mediterranean to your Christmas table. A selection of different appetizers like cheeses, tomatoes, grapes and crackers, garnished with fresh herbs for everybody to enjoy.

It’s nice to add a touch of glamour to the holiday spread by coordinating the layout of the food with the seasonal decorations around your house.


Different types of cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives, salami and herbs like oregano and basil make for the perfect Italian-inspired plateau. Garnish with crackers, sprinkle with olive oil and arrange in a  fun, festive pattern.

These yummy appetizers are easy to put together, can be arranged in a variety of ways and will make you crave the festive holiday dinner get-togethers.

Using easy to find fruits, veggies and different types of salami, you can recreate these interesting combinations and surprise your party guests in a way that will leave them both impressed and satisfied.

What’s best, these creations are not only pretty to look at, but also quite filling and delicious

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