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Homemade Christmas Gifts

DIY Personalized mug – This is a very inexpensive way to give the gift of love! PP: Instead of baking at 350, doing it at 425. It seals so much better than 350, and it doesn’t wash off. My boyfriend uses the mug for EVERYTHING since I made his. Soup, coffee, juice, water. He adores […]

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5 Funniest Videos Ever Seen on Facebook

Birthday party with special performance You can buy a bunch of balloons and put them on the ground ( they must be filled with air, so they can stick to the ground ) and then you can ask politely your cute dog to jump all over them! I think the sound will be like the […]

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Money loan debt

25 Things to Know About Money Before You Turn 25

1. You can be a student without a loan.     Source: Rachel Cruze

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Set of Comedy socks

21 Gift Ideas That Will Make Any Man Happy

This set of socks is an ideal Christmas gift that is sure to raise a smile and get everyone talking! Photo: Credit

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