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Beauty Trends 2017

Beauty Trends 2017: The Looks You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere

Beauty Trends 2017: No-makeup Makeup No-makeup makeup is going to take a back seat to actually wearing no makeup this year. Video: Tutorial

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Red Carpet Look at the 2017 Oscars

See Every Red Carpet Look at the 2017 Oscars

Brie Larson Oscars 2017 in Oscar de la Renta and Neil Lane Diamonds Photo: Credit

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New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Try

Brushed-Out Curls with Glossy Red Lips New Year’s Eve Makeup Idea You don’t need pounds of makeup to make a statement. Photo: ImaxTree

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Amazing Halloween Costumes That Only Use Makeup

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup One of the biggest costumes this year is guaranteed to be Suicide Squad‘s breakout character Harley Quinn. All you need are cotton candy colored pigtails, messy eye makeup and red lipstick. Photo: Tutorial

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12 Hacks for Salon-Like Nails at Home

Quick Dry with Ice Water In a rush to get your nails fully dry in under five minutes? Here’s the solution: let them air dry for two minutes and dunk them in ice cold water for three minutes. Strange, I know, but it works! Another option: Blast nails with cool air from a hair dryer […]

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12 Beauty Tips for Makeup That Will Survive the Heat

FACE: Cleanse If your skin is sensitive or dry, stay away from foaming cleansers! Instead, use a cream cleanser that will get rid of the grime but won’t put your drama queen skin into a rage. If you’re prone to oiliness, enlarged pores, or t-zone shine opt for a non-soap foaming cleanser that will deep […]

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