12 Foods to Never Put in the Refrigerator

Let’s face it, we are all in the habit of walking through the doors after a trip to the grocery store and throwing half the food purchased into the fridge because we think that food will last longer when we store them in there. Or, you know, it could be because of the sheer laziness […]

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Front Door Designs

15 Front Door Designs that Boost Curb Appeal

Blending In Front Door Design When you have a really eye-catching exterior, as this home does, less can be more with your front door. Photo: Credit

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Home Exterior Trends for 2018

15 Home Exterior Trends for 2018

Arts and Crafts Detailing Home Exterior For this reason, we’re seeing a lot more home exteriors that are featuring ornate detailing, and particularly arts-and-crafts touches. Photo: Credit

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Creative Home Gyms Ideas

15 Creative Home Gyms Ideas

Attic Home Gym Take all that junk out of your attic and turn it into a home gym. Interior designers at Geometra Design converted an unfinished attic into an open and airy fitness room. Photo: Geometra Design

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Most Romantic Bedrooms

DIY Decorating Ideas for the Most Romantic Bedroom

Candle Holder for a Romantic Bedroom Flickering candlelight is even more romantic when it projects a heart-shaped design on the wall. Pierce the pattern on a recycled tin can to make a sweet tea light candle holder. Tutorial: Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

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Pinterest Home Decor Ideas 2018

10 Pinterest Home Decor Ideas to Try in 2018

Big Wall Art Home Decor Ideas 2018 Wall art is big: Buh-bye, blank space! Large posters, works of art and photography prints are blowing up. “Go big or go home” should really be Pinterest’s slogan. Photo: Credit

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