16 Awesome Kids’ Halloween Costumes To Start Making Now

Captain Hook Halloween Costume Captain Hook being eaten by Tick-Tock the Crocodile from Peter Pan. The creator of this dastardly clever costume says anyone who tries this should have “ambition,” and that’s not because it’s easy to make. Find the tutorial here.

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27 Clever Halloween Decorations To Make With Dollar Store Stuff

Bat Halloween Chandelier Or as part of a cool, Pottery-Barn-knockoff chandelier. This tutorial takes a few more hours of work and a few more dollars of supplies, but looks really effing cool. Photo: Tutorial

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11 Essential Fall Style Staples Every Guy Needs Now

Dark Men Denim What are you doing with all that whiskering around your crotch, bro? Time to upgrade your leg game with an all-over dark-wash jean. Photo: Credit

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Off-The-Wall Paint Ideas You’ll Want To Try At Home

Floral Faux Wallpaper with Paint Create a bold floral faux wallpaper with paint for a super-sweet style. If you can trace and have a little imagination, you can paint this, too. Photo: Instructions

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25 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Fall

Attach Faux Leaves to Your Door All you need is hot glue to attach leaves to a glass door. After fall passes, she just peels the glue off. Photo: Credit

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Top 10 Autumn Destinations

Galilee, Israel Autumn in northern Israel, Jesus’s stomping ground, is more pleasant weather-wise than summer or winter, and without the tourist droves. The quaint towns and villages have a relaxed pace of life. Photo: Credit

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