Hidden Vision TV Mount

With our aging population and the health issues that go along with aging, forces some individuals to be less mobile and in some cases restricts mobility to a point to where your doctor, for medical necessity, requires you to lay flat on your back. Now, imagine yourself stuck in bed, face up with absolutely nothing to do. You think to yourself how amazing it would be to have a TV above you so you’re not completely bored. Even if your reason behind wanting to watch TV is not medical, you can still have the luxury without a prescription. Let us say you love to lie in bed on a lazy night and watch TV or a movie with your loved one and/or play video games. You can with a hidden visions television mount.
Hidden Vision offers two different Flip-Out versions:

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  • Standard Flip-Out: This will allow your television to extend out, reducing back, and neck pain by watching TV in your natural resting position.
  • Extended Flip-Out: This luxury wall mount extends your TV over your bed and tilts it to the perfect angle for comfortable viewing while sitting up or lying down.

When closed, it completely hides your TV behind a beautiful picture frame.
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