12 Foods to Never Put in the Refrigerator

Let’s face it, we are all in the habit of walking through the doors after a trip to the grocery store and throwing half the food purchased into the fridge because we think that food will last longer when we store them in there.

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Or, you know, it could be because of the sheer laziness we feel after a grueling trip to the grocery store. Either way, we are all guilty of it!

However, we fail to actually find out if the refrigeration process actually does more harm than good for certain types of foods. Sure, it’ll be better preserved and its shelf life lengthened, but at what cost?

So in order to keep all those products fresh we sacrifice their main qualities and advantages. So let’s create a balanced way of storing these products, without ruining them. I’m storing almost 100% of these in my refrigerator so I’m guilty like you, but getting some information and facts about these products can change the way I’m storing them.

I can’t think of a better place to store my fruits and vegetables other than my refrigerator. Well, sometimes in the winter I can put all fruits in a plate in my living room, but when it comes to summer – the only solution is really cold place. Or I have to run to the grocery every couple of hours to restock my fruits and vegetables. One more thing – who loves to eat warm watermelon? I guess no one. It should as cold as possible to fully enjoy it.

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